Ancient Order of Hibernians' NATIONAL HOLIDAYS:

  •  A day in August to honor Our Lady of Knock - Queen of Ireland
  •  St. Patrick’s Day
  •  Easter Monday
  • The Fourth of July
  • Commodore John Barry Day, September 13, are the National Holidays of the Order.

For More information on Michael Davitt,
Our division is honored to have been given approval by the Michael Davitt society to honor his name.


National Holidays for 2018
New Years Day 2018 - Monday, Jan 1 Fathers Day 2018 - Sunday, June 17 4th of July 2018 - Wednesday, July 4
Valentines Day 2018 - Wednesday, Feb 14 Labor Day 2018 - Monday, Sept 3
Presidents Day 2018 - Monday, Feb 19 Columbus Day 2018 - Monday, Oct 8
St. Patrick's Day 2018 - Saturday, Mar 17 Halloween 2018 - Wednesday, Oct 31
Easter 2018 - Sunday, Apr 1 Veterans Day 2018 - Sunday, Nov 11
Mothers Day 2018 - Sunday, May 13 Thanksgiving 2018 - Thursday, Nov 22
Memorial Day 2018 - Monday, May 28 Christmas Day 2018 - Tuesday, Dec 25

Our Philosophy:

  • Brotherhood
  • Unity
  • Christian Charity



History of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in New Jersey :
The Ancient Order of Hibernians in the United States can trace its origins back to New York City on 4 May 1836, but from here the organization became popular on a state and neighborhood level nationwide.
This includes a well represented and passionate presence in the Garden State over the last several decades.

  The founding of the AOH during this era came to the fore in large measure to protect the Catholic populace from harm, especially members of the clergy and parishes from hostile Nativists who wished to destroy symbols of the faith.

This motivation combined with a strong mutual support system among exiles and survivors of An Gorta Mor (great hunger) who wished to establish a solid community in the United States based on traditions of cultural and spiritual identity became manifest.

  The perpetual call to service is especially true in New Jersey as Hibernians have been an active and proud presence since the burgeoning days of this organization.

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Newark occurred in 1834 and six years later, the AOH had spread to Newark and other locations within the urban centers of northern New Jersey.
Protection against the attack on St. Mary’s, Newark and threats on other Catholic edifices in Jersey City for example during the 1840s led to bloodshed as Hibernians fought back American Protection Association aggressors in turn.

The surge in Irish representation from the seventeenth century forward was gradual, but exploded during the mid-1800s as many came from agrarian roots and soon adapted to a more brick and mortar existence as early Hibernian labor among the laity built the Delaware and Raritan Canal and dotted the state from Western Jersey to the Hudson River and inhabited the urban enclaves of the Ironbound in Newark, Horseshoe of Jersey City and the Forth Ward of Trenton and in close knit neighborhoods across Paterson, Elizabeth, Jersey City and Bayonne among others.

  In fact, by 1860 the Irish made up over half of the foreign born population in the Garden State. Once settled in New Jersey, during the late nineteenth century political clubs and mutual aid societies such as the AOH along with Family, Church, and Public House interaction became places where relationships and community were solidified as a result. 

​ During the nineteenth century such entities as Morris County Division 1, founded in 1872 became long standing contributors to the AOH commonweal. Between the 1840s and the early to mid twentieth century, the creation and operation of several different divisions within the receptive borders of New Jersey resulted in wide spread and lasting interest.

  By 1907 for example, over 85 divisions were in operation from Furnace (Sussex County) to Millville (Cumberland County) and many others especially in Newark, Trenton, Elizabeth, and Hudson County were at their height of popularity at this time.


Division Meetings  First Monday of Every Month  @ 7pm

American Legion Post 129

​2025 Church Rd. 
Toms River New Jersey 08753

* Monday November 5th, Division meeting andelections of new officers.

​* Monday December 3rd, Division Meeting.

​​The Ancient Order of Hibernians.